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Teacher Staff

Jason Mustard

Alex Hunter

My name is Alex Hunter. I am a chemistry teacher at St. Bishop high school. I've been teaching for 4 years and really enjoy my job.Some of the things we do in my class is mix chemicals to make chemical reactions and record the data.We also prepare you if you want to start a career in chemisrty.You can find more info about me and my class schedules at AHchem.org.

Eileen Paik

Anthony Martial

My name is Anthony Martial and I am an English teacher at Monrover High School. I am also a writer for fun on my free time. If you need English toutoring you can email me at AMenglish@School.net. You can also find the school website at, AMenglish.org.

Rosie Van Zyl

Marcus Rashford

Hi, My name is Marcus Rashford. I am a soccer coach for Placerita High School. I try and develope the best soccer players I can and bring championship titles to this high school. If your looking to try out for myn team you can email me at MRsoccer@School.net. You can also find me at my website at, MRcoaching.org.

Diedra Shumate

Alex Morgan

Hi, My name is Diedra Shumate. I am a Math teacher at Granapada High School. I want to pass on my knowledge of math for the next generation. You can reach me at my e-mail AMmath@school.net. You can also find the school website at, AMmath.org.