Soccer olympic gold medal winner

Brazil's men's olympic soccer team recently won the gold medal. They played against Germany. This was a big game for Brazil, not only because there was a gold medal on the line, but because Germany had beat brazil in the World Cup semifinal 7:1. Brazil and Germany were level a full time(90 min) then went to extra time. With no one scoring a goal, they went into pk's. Neymar, Brazil's best player scored the final pk to give Brazil the gold medal. Brazil were unstoppable in the tournament.

Brazil were expected to win by Brazilians because the olympics were in their home country. Also, they were expected to win for losing to Germany in 2014 World Cup, which was also held in Brazil. Neymar, Brazil's key player was purposely injured against Colombia and was not able to play against Germany in 2014. Therefore, giving Brazilians reason why they didn't beat Germany then.

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